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WebSite-Watcher 2022 22.1 Build 100

One of the most useful website monitoring tools on the market is WebSite-Watcher 2022. It constantly monitors websites for changes and updates. Increase your output by automating everyday tasks!

This application is ideal for both new and seasoned computer users. You may use WebSite-Watcher if you know how to use an email program. You have total control over what is checked when it is checked, and even how you are alerted with the software’s help you do this.

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WebSite-Watcher 2022

With WebSite-Watcher 2022, you can keep tabs on the latest changes to your favorite websites while spending as little time and effort as possible. This saves you from having to manually check each page for updates. The tool saves the past two copies of a page to your hard drive and highlights any changes in the text when changes are detected.

When it comes to keeping tabs on a page’s status, there are a number of options available to you. As an example, you may get an update notice just when the material contains a certain term.

WebSite-Watcher 2022 is like an e-mail client for your PC. It will save all of your bookmarks and settings to your hard drive. It doesn’t need any servers to keep track of changes and updates to web pages.

Website-Watcher monitors

  • All kinds of Web Pages
  • PDF / Word / Excel documents
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages
  • Password-protected pages
  • RSS/ Atom feeds
  • Makes screenshots of the pages and compare them to detect updates.

Website-Watcher features

  • Flexible check intervals
  • Perform pre-defined Actions
  • Only get update notifications by keyword
  • The integrated Filter Assistant lets you easily create filters.
  • Add logic with plugins

Changes in Website-Watcher 2022 22.0

  • [+] Update on keywords: keywords can be combined with a logical AND by placing a ” + ” (space-plus-space) between keywords. Whole words are supported by placing the keywords into quotes.
    keyword1 + keyword2
    “keyword1” + “keyword2” + “keyword3”
    “website” + “watcher”
  • [+] Cloudflare protected pages supported. WebSite-Watcher detects and handles this protection automatically, a separate configuration is no longer required.
  • [+] Extended Search: New option to search for whole words
  • [+] Chromium Check Macros: New command “reload” to reload the currently opened page.
  • [+] Plugins: New built-in function that makes it easier to search for keywords:
    KeywordExists(sSearch, sKeyword, bWholeWord)
  • [-] Follow-Links: Placing multiple master bookmarks into a single folder could produce duplicate bookmarks under certain circumstances
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

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Size: 173 MB

Website-Watcher Trial for Windows

Website-Watcher for Android

Website-Watcher for iOS

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