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WinZip 26.0

Windows application WinZip 26 is the world’s most used tool for compressing, distributing, and encrypting documents and backing up data. No other file compression tool is as simple to use or has as many unique features to help you save time-space and boost productivity—no other file compression tool.

Compress files to save storage space, reduce email delivery times and reduce file upload/download times with a single click. You can zip anything: documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and even presentations!

WinZip 26.0

Save storage space, send emails faster, and cut download times by zipping and unzipping files. It also provides robust AES encryption, the ability to compress and bundle files, and an automatic data backup function to protect your information from being lost.

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Even photos and images may be compressed using WinZip. Digital pictures and graphics may now be shortened by up to 25% without sacrificing quality or data integrity. It’s speedier, and you can save more photographs on your flash drive or CD/DVD.

WinZip Features

WinZip allows to

  • Compress files to save space and reduce transmission times
  • Create Zip, LHA, and new Zipx files – the smallest Zip files ever
  • Let WinZip select the “best” compression method based on file type to maximize efficiency
  • Compress JPEG image files by 20 to 25% with no loss of photo quality or data integrity
  • Open and extract from zipping, Zipx, RAR, 7Z, LHA BZ2, CAB, IMG, ISO, and other archive files
  • Experience better performance on most files with LZMA compression
  • View international characters in filenames through Unicode support
  • Create and read Zip files larger than 4GB

WinZip Encrypts

  • Secure sensitive data with FIPS-197 certified AES encryption (128- and 256-bit)
  • Encrypt and decrypt confidential files and email attachments
  • Auto-wipe (“shred”) temporarily extracted copies of encrypted files
  • Feel safe knowing Auto-wipe uses the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) standard
  • Set password policy by controlling complexity requirements
  • Set or disable available encryption methods
  • Take advantage of hardware support in specific Intel-based computers for even faster AES encryption.

Package and Share

  • Bundle files into zipped packages, creating convenient, logical groups of related files
  • Organize and secure email attachments, which transmit faster thanks to smaller file sizes
  • See the content of Zip file attachments in Outlook 2013 using the Zip file previewer.
  • Double click on a file in the Zip file previewer for Outlook 2007 to open it for viewing
  • View photos in Zip files without extracting, using WinZip’s internal image viewer
  • Resize Photos when using Zip and E-Mail
  • Quickly create and send Zip files with one-click “Zip & E-Mail.”
  • Resize Photos from a Zip file when sending by email or to a new Zip file
  • Use “Send To” to send new and existing Zip files as e-mail attachments
  • Use Save As, Rename, and New Folder commands to manage Zip files easily
  • Create Self-Extracting Archives with Self-Extractor Personal Edition
  • Split Zip files to make large Zip files fit on removable media
  • Use Zip from Camera Wizard to quickly transfer, rotate, and compress photos from supported cameras

Backup / Automate

  • Prevent data loss with automated data backup facility
  • Burn back-ups to CD or DVD and automatically split them over multiple discs, if necessary
  • Upload your jams to an off-site server using WinZip’s internal FTP client
  • Create custom jobs to automate routine zip tasks
  • Schedule jobs to run automatically and unattended
  • Utilize predefined WinZip jobs
  • Email, FTP upload, or burn Zip files to disc using Job Wizard
  • Email log files upon WinZip job completion
  • Utilize WinZip’s command-line interface for scripting (free add-on)


Size: 62.1 MB

WinZip 26.0 for Windows 32-bit Trial

WinZip 26.0 for Windows 64-bit Trial

WinZip 9 for macOS Trial

WinZip for Android

WinZip for iOS


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