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Year 3.3.4 Final



Year 3.3.4 Final


Godot is a game engine that was recompiled by OKAM and is now distributed with a free source code and MIT license.. Godot supports all stationary and mobile platforms – Linux, Windows, OS X, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, Android, iOS, BBX and allows you to develop web games using asm.js and NativeClient.


Godot is often compared to the Unity engine, but with a primary focus on two-dimensional games, although it has built-in full support for creating 3D games. The API and language of this game engine are very easy and easy to learn.


There are rich animation capabilities, a convenient graphical environment for very easy game creation, simulation of physical processes, a powerful debugger and complete support for the Linux operating system.


Complete documentation and many demonstration lessons are available, systems for visual editing of 2D and 3D shaders have been added, possibility to set the depth priority for each node.

License: Free (Open Source).


Whats New in Year 3.3.4 Final


Official page

Download: Godot 3.3.4 for Windows 32-bit (28.6 MB)

Download: Godot 3.3.4 for Windows 64-bit (33.9 MB)


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