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YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer) is a portable program that enables the creation of a Multiboot USB Flash Drive. It is capable of creating bootable discs that include several operating systems, antivirus programs, disc cloning, and diagnostic tools.


Unlike MultiBootISOs, which utilized grub to boot ISO files straight from USB, YUMI boots extracted distributions using syslinux. And, if required, reverts to utilizing grub to boot several ISO files from USB.

Except for a few distributions, all files are saved under the Multiboot or YUMI directory (depending on the version). This results in a neatly structured Multiboot USB Drive that you may continue to use for other reasons.

The program functions similarly to Universal USB Installer, except that it allows you to install many distributions to run from your USB drive. Additionally, you can use the same application to remove distributions!

YUMI is a simple-to-use installation script developed using NSIS. The objective of this script is to assist in automating the process of creating a bootable USB Flash Drive. This may be used to boot a variety of Linux-based distributions (one at a time).

Upon completion, you should have a bootable USB Flash drive. This will get you started with your selected Live Distributions. All of this without the need for manual research and execution of the processes.

YUMI creates a bootable disc using a Syslinux MBR. 7zip may be used to extract Distributions to the multiboot folder on the USB device. Additionally, each distribution is booted using a unique syslinux.cfg file in conjunction with distro-specific configuration files. Additionally, you may use Grub4DOS’s grub.exe to natively boot ISO files.

Size: 1.63 MB


YUMI for Windows

YUMI UEFI for Windows

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