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1Password 7.7.818

1Password 7.7.818

1Password is an excellent solution for fast and secure use of passwords for user accounts, credit card data and other confidential information.

In the age of the Internet, practically everyone has an account somewhere, makes electronic payments, records important data in digital form and others. Using the same password does not provide the necessary security, and when using many passwords, one of them may be forgotten.

The program 1Password is specially designed for this: it is possible to create unique and difficult passwords for each site or account, which the program remembers and then automatically puts them in the right place. Cloud synchronization is used to record information.

Features of 1Password: recording passwords, credit card information, personal information and notes, automatic submission of passwords on sites, automatic entry of credit card information, adding frequently used words and phrases.

License: Paid (Trial).

Whats New in 1Password 7.7.818:


  • Archived items can now be edited without restoring first. OPW-5064


  • Launching 1Password mini or the 1Password extension should be quicker on certain computer configurations. OPW-5051, OPW-5055
  • Updated our 1Password brain library for improved filling and saving with the 1Password extensions. OPW-5073
  • Prepped our updater and browser integration support for the upcoming code signing certificate update. OPW-5070
  • Future-proofed the database for upcoming changes. OPW-5072


  • Duo authentication prompts would remain open after 1Password locked itself. OPW-5067
  • Holding control while clicking an item would sometimes deselect the clicked item and select the first item in the item list prior to dragging them for moving or copying to another vault. OPW-5060
  • Duo prompts would show up in front randomly if 1Password was not in front and a background account update had occurred. OPW-5043
  • Updated our uninstaller to completely remove the app files as an unexpected external change may have stopped us from removing certain app files. OPW-5063
  • Fixed our uninstaller to work in Windows accounts that contained certain symbols in the name such as “Bob & Alice”. OPW-5063
  • Added a rate-limiter to our logging system to avoid writing infinite log files due to unexpected messages coming between the 1Password extension and 1Password app. OPW-5061
  • Future-proofing of upcoming special fields to be read-only in the item editor and able to be used for the item’s subtitle in the item list. OPW-5058, OPW-5065
  • Fixed a translation issue within the Traditional Chinese localization. OPW-5056
  • Fixed 1Password’s product name in our executable file’s metadata that was incorrectly set in the last update. OPW-! 2558

Official page

Download: 1Password 7.7.818 for Windows (10.9 MB)

Download: 1Password for Mac (51.5 MB)

Download: 1Password for iOS

Download: 1Password for Android

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