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Actual Transparent Window 8.14.5

Actual Transparent Window allows you to change the transparency and other parameters of program windows in the Windows operating system

The degree of transparency is adjustable from 0% (completely opaque) to 100% (completely transparent or invisible) in different ways – through an icon in the title of the program window, an additional item in the window menu, via a hot key and automatically, depending on the status of the window – active, inactive, in the mode of moving or resizing, as well as when the window is under the mouse cursor.

Actual Transparent Window also has an interesting “ghost” mode, in which the program window does not respond to the computer mouse, while the window can be located at the top. These two functions are especially convenient for monitoring different processes.

Actual Transparent Window has flexible settings and allows you to set the default transparency, as well as individual transparency of each program window.
License: Paid (Trial).

Whats New in Actual Transparent Window 8.14.5:

[!] Windows 10 Insider x64 build 21277+: The program crashed at startup

[+] Licensing: The evaluation period is prolonged by a third of its original
duration for the update versions released after the Free Updates
Subscription expiration date.

[-] An invalid memory operation could cause cascading errors in the Control
Center at its startup if the “Collect usage statistics” option was enabled.

[-] Some application windows (eg Directory Opus) stopped reacting on
Control Center commands (like pausing / resuming or modifying the settings)

Official page

Download: Actual Transparent Window 8.14.5 (8.00 MB)

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