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AlwaysMouseWheel 5.35

AlwaysMouseWheel is a small multilingual program that allows you to bring the background program window to the foreground using the scroll wheel of a computer mouse. This AlwaysMouseWheel functionality is useful, for example, when working with a text editor with an already positioned cursor in the background, and pressing the left mouse button would change the cursor position and the left mouse button would call up the context menu.

Features of AlwaysMouseWheel: moving the focus of programs with the wheel of the computer mouse, [Alt + левия бутон на мишката] – move the window by dragging, [Alt + десния бутон на компютърната мишка] – resize the program window, adjust the volume with the scroll wheel when the mouse cursor is over the taskbar.
License: Freeware.

Whats New in AlwaysMouseWheel 5.35:

Small corrections and improvements
New languages ​​in Always-Mouse-Wheel: Finnish

Many thanks to Otto for the Finnish language.

Official page

Download: AlwaysMouseWheel 5.35 for Windows 32-bit (98.5 KB)

Download: AlwaysMouseWheel 5.35 for Windows 64-bit (108 KB)

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