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AirDC ++ 4.11 Final

AirDC ++ 4.11 Final

AirDC ++ is a free client program for using the Direct Connect and Advanced Direct Connect networks, which use the P2P protocol.

AirDC ++ allows you to quickly join this huge community of users by first submitting a username and email address.

With the help of AirDC ++ the user gets the opportunity to share his folder with the public and view other shared user folders, which are grouped as rooms or as is customary with Direct Connect and Advanced Direct Connect – hubs.

AirDC ++ is characterized by its fast operation even in complex conditions – millions of files and hundreds of terabytes of information. AirDC ++ fully supports the IPv6 protocol and can work with NMDC and / or ADC encrypted protocols.

License: Freeware.

Whats New in AirDC ++ 4.11 Final:


-Let the operating system set the optimal socket write / read buffer sizes by default (can multiply per-connection transfer speeds with faster connections,
– Improve hashing speed by increasing the read buffer from 256 kilobytes to 1024 kilobytes
– Increase the default file write buffer from 64 kilobytes to 256 kilobytes


– Fix inconsistencies with filelist transfer logging

Official page

Download: AirDC ++ 4.11 Final (67.3 MB)

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