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AnyViewer 4.3.0

AnyViewer isn’t just another remote desktop software; it’s a powerhouse that guarantees smooth, stable, and swift control over your remote connections. Whether you’re operating Windows PCs and Windows Server, or accessing from Android or iOS devices, AnyViewer offers unmatched performance and high-resolution imagery even during file transfers – execute multiple transfers simultaneously with absolute ease.

AnyViewer 4.3.0

Uncompromised Security
With AnyViewer, leave your security worries behind. Equipped with advanced Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) encryption, it ensures your sensitive data remains impenetrable, providing security that’s second to none.

Accelerated Performance
Experience the pinnacle of speed and reliability. AnyViewer is expertly designed to establish a fast and unwavering remote connection, allowing file transfers to operate with efficiency and high-quality visual clarity.

Streamlined and Adaptive
AnyViewer boasts an intuitive interface that makes remote access a breeze. Its robust remote desktop manager is fashioned to adapt to your needs with flexible connection options, automatic updates, and multilingual support, all working together to give you a seamless experience.

Remote Work Made Easy
Need immediate access to your work computer from afar? Forget the complexities of VPNs and port forwarding with AnyViewer. It’s the ultra-simple software solution, providing hassle-free remote access to your work machine, whether you’re stationed at home or halfway across the globe.

Effortless File Transfer
Say goodbye to cumbersome file transfer methods. With a simple click, move files and folders between local and remote systems as if they were on the same computer – direct, smooth, and without the fuss of intermediate steps.

Remote Tech Support Revolutionized
Offer rapid solutions to technical problems from anywhere in the world. AnyViewer grants you the power to gain both unattended and attended access to desktops, laptops, or servers, minimizing the need for on-site troubleshooting. Expand your efficiency with an array of advanced functions, all part of AnyViewer’s remote support arsenal.

Features of AnyViewer

AnyViewer, a remote desktop app for Android and iOS enables you to access and control PC from anywhere with considerate features added.

  • Unattended Remote Access. With the same account or security code set previously, you can control unattended PCs easily.
  • Power Management. During the remote session, click Power Management and you can lock, restart or shut down the computer from the phone.
  • Manage Connected Devices. Once you have connected to a device before, you can see it in the Currently Connected list to manage it.
  • Show Desktop. In the session, you can switch between the desktop and the current interface on the remote PC with one click.
  • Virtual Mouse. The virtual mouse on the phone makes you feel that you’re using the real mouse, greatly simplify your operating process.
  • Hide Desktop Wallpaper. If the network isn’t in good condition, you can hide desktop wallpaper to make the session smoother.
  • Flexible Control Modes. Two control modes are available. Mouse Mode uses the cursor to control the PC; Touch Mode uses a tap on the phone to control the PC.
  • Rotate Screen. You can rotate the screen horizontally to make the remote session window match your phone/tablet completely.

Download AnyViewer

AnyViewer for Windows

AnyViewer for Android [apk]

AnyViewer for iOS

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