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Argus Monitor

Argus Monitor is a program for monitoring the temperature and condition of various components of the computer system, including the CPU, video card and hard drive.

Argus Monitor monitors the critical SMART attributes of hard drives and displays their temperature in the form of a graph, reporting the risk of damage to the hard drive. The temperature graph of the processor is displayed separately for each core.

Argus Monitor can measure access time and data rate for HDD / SSD, can control the speed of cooling fans and more.

Key features of Argus Monitor:

  • Monitoring the condition of hard drives and their temperatures, SMART attributes and more
  • Warning if the health status falls below 70%
  • Graphical representation of the results
  • Monitoring and graphical display of CPU temperature
  • Monitoring and displaying the temperature of the graphics accelerator
  • Graphical representation of the frequencies of the nuclei

License: Paid (Shareware).

Changes in Argus Monitor

Official page
Download: Argus Monitor (9.56 MB)

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