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VueMinder Lite 2021.01

VueMinder Ultimate is a useful program that will help you organize your time. Allocate your time, create a schedule and VueMinder Ultimate will remind you of upcoming events whenever and wherever you want. 

You can get all the information about appointments, tasks and notes by just looking at the transparent calendar on your desktop. VueMinder Ultimate provides shared access to the calendar at work, at home or on the Internet. VueMinder Ultimate offers automatic synchronization of calendars with Google Calendar and Outlook. It is also possible to print the screen using the built-in styles and templates.

VueMinder Ultimate allows complete customization of the way information is displayed, shared access via the local network and integration with Microsoft Outlook and Excel.
License: Freeware.

Changes in VueMinder Lite 2021.01:

  • Improved the Event Editor to support formatting of individual words in event titles. Words can be colored via a right-click menu. Words can also be made bold, italic, or underline via standard keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl + B.
  • Improved performance of opening events – especially the first time after starting VueMinder. On most computers, opening an event should take less than a second or two.
  • Corrected Windows file-type registration of VueMinder for opening iCalendar (ics) files.
  • Corrected cases where changes to existing event descriptions weren’t getting saved.
  • Corrected intermittent errors and out-of-memory crashes while editing description text.
  • Corrected the default font size used for the description text in the Details Pane and hover tooltip. The text was too small.
  • Corrected the font in the description text editor. In some cases, the default font selected in the Editor Options would override fonts that were selected by the user while editing, after saving and re-opening the editor.
  • Corrected pasting text from Word documents when the copied text contains hyperlinks, dashes, or quotes.
  • Corrected pasting plain text into the description text editor. In some cases, dashes, quotes, and other characters were being pasted as HTML symbol codes instead of the correct characters.
  • Corrected problems copying / pasting text from PDF files into the description text editor. In some cases, text would not paste or pasting would cause VueMinder to crash.
  • Corrected handling of the Ctrl + Alt + E shortcut when editing a description. The text was getting centered instead of the € symbol being inserted.
  • Corrected the Delete button on the Event Editor when an occurrence and all that follow of a recurring event is opened. Previously, clicking the Delete button wouldn’t do anything.
  • Corrected spelling of certain words, such as color (color) and synchronize (synchronize), when in the United Kingdom or Australia. This will happen automatically for new installations of VueMinder. For existing installations, select “English (United Kingdom)” or “English (Australia)” on the Language menu to see the spelling corrections.
  • Updated the German translation.
  • Other minor corrections and improvements.

Official page
Download: VueMinder Lite 2021.01 (33.1 MB)

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