Atlantis Word Processor 4.1.5 Final

Atlantis Word Processor is a powerful word processing program that has most of the features of MSWord (including it can work with Word documents), but significantly smaller, lighter and cheaper. The Word-like interface makes the Atlantis Word Processor a great replacement.

Atlantis Word Processor is a text editor with a rich set of features and functions. To the standard functions, which are available in practically all serious text editors, can be added the functions for writing assistance, the function for detecting too frequently used words, automatic correction for writing, etc.

The interface can be customized entirely to the user’s liking. Atlantis Word Processor works with all known text formats, including all known graphic formats, as the possibilities for insertion and printing are rich and flexible.

License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in Atlantis Word Processor Final

Official page

Download: Atlantis Word Processor 4.1.5 Lite Final (2.95 MB)

Download: Atlantis Word Processor 4.1.5 Final (2.95 MB)

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