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Rainmeter 4.5.11

Rainmeter is a free and compact device that monitors you sitting on your desktop and constantly informs you about the status of your system. Shows in real time your IP, gateway, DNS, CPU load, memory used, your incoming and outgoing network traffic, how long the PC has been running without interruption, the available free disk space and more.

For such a program, which is placed on the desktop, it is important how it looks, so Rainmeter boasts a neat and original interface.

Rainmeter, in addition to its pleasant interface, can delight you with quite well-groomed skins that everyone will like.

License: Freeware.

Whats New in Rainmeter 4.5.11

  • FixedToolTip: Fixed a mouse detection issue with ToolTip inside a Container meter.
  • FixedSysInfo: Fixed an inconsistency with how an empty string value is returned for SysInfoType=IP_ADDRESS.
  • ChangedSysInfo: Corrected About / Version and SysInfo to properly see the right version on Windows 11.
  • ChangedSysInfo: SysInfo is now a “measure” instead of a “plugin”.
  • AddedSysInfo: Added several new SysInfoType values:

Official page

Download: Rainmeter 4.5.11 (2.33 MB)

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