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AVG Ultimate 24.1.3319 – Security and Optimization

AVG Ultimate stands out as a comprehensive security solution that combines the robust protective capabilities of AVG Internet Security with the system optimization benefits of AVG PC TuneUp, both amplified by the inclusion of AVG Zen. This formidable suite offers a seamless, high-caliber safeguard as well as performance enhancements for not just an individual’s devices but the entire family’s.

AVG Ultimate 24.1.3319 - Security and Optimization

Embark on a journey of worry-free digital life with a singular subscription model that unifies your security needs across a variety of devices. Whether it’s a PC, a Mac, or an Android device, AVG Ultimate brings them all under the protective umbrella of AVG Zen — a centralized platform that provides an at-a-glance overview of each device’s security, performance, and privacy status.

AVG Zen operates autonomously and is engineered to give you comprehensive control over the well-being of your devices. It simplifies device management by displaying all the crucial information in a unified dashboard. Through this, AVG Zen not only tends to your needs but extends its coverage to look after the devices your family uses, ensuring everybody’s digital life is secure, efficient, and private.

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With AVG Ultimate, tailoring the protection, performance, and privacy settings of all your devices becomes a straightforward task that you can perform directly from your PC. Additionally, the AVG AntiVirus Free mobile application keeps you in charge of your devices’ welfare even when you are on the move.

Strengthened by AVG Performance, this 5-in-1 package grants you the ability to maintain limitless PCs, Macs, and Android devices. All these can be managed effortlessly from a single locale — and there’s no cost involved. For those seeking an extra boost to their system’s efficiency, the advanced PRO features are designed to significantly enhance speed, free up valuable storage space, and prolong battery life. AVG Ultimate now also extends its cleaning capabilities to your iPhone and iPad, ensuring all of your devices remain in peak condition.

AVG Ultimate features for PC

  • Antivirus – Blocks viruses, spyware and other malware
  • AVG Zen Dashboard – Manage all your devices from a single-screen
  • Remote Protection – Scan and remove viruses using your mobile
  • Link Protection – Scans web, Twitter, and Facebook links
  • Online Shield PRO – Protects you from harmful downloads
  • Data Safe PRO – Encrypts and password-protects private files
  • Anti-Spam PRO – Stops spammers and scammers
  • Firewall PRO – Blocks hackers so you can shop safely
  • Ransomware Protection against attacks that encrypt personal photos, documents, emails, etc. for ransom.
  • Webcam Protection ends webcam spying for good by blocking malware and untrusted apps from hijacking webcams to spy on users.

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  • Automatic Maintenance – Automatically performs routine maintenance
  • Remote PC Cleaning – Clean your PC from your mobile
  • Drive Defrag – Speeds up access to your hard drive
  • Automatic Cleaning Updates – Automatically updates for optimal cleaning
  • Startup Manager PRO – Helps you cure slow startup
  • Economy Mode PRO – Do more with a longer battery life
  • Disk Cleaner PRO – Wipes junk data to free up disk space
  • Live Optimization PRO – Prioritizes tasks for optimum performance
  • Program Deactivator PRO – Stops unused programs from draining power
  • Duplicate Finder PRO – Remove duplicate files for even more space
  • Cleaner for iOS PRO – Wipe junk data from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

AVG Ultimate features for Android

  • Antivirus – Blocks viruses, spyware, and other malware
  • Online Protection – Scans websites, links, and downloaded apps
  • Anti-Theft – Finds, locks, or wipes your lost device
  • Call Blocker – Blocks unwanted calls and text messages
  • App Backup PRO – Backs up important apps to your SD card
  • App Lock PRO – Password-protects your apps and settings
  • Camera Trap PRO – See who’s trying to break into your device
  • Device Lock PRO – Locks your device if the SIM is replaced
  • History Cleaner – Clean up your browser and app history
  • App Uninstaller – Uninstalls by size, data or battery use
  • Cache Cleaner – Remove unwanted cache clutter
  • Call and Message Cleaner – Clean your tracks by wiping old conversations
  • Auto Maintenance – Regularly tidies up your phone for you
  • Battery Profiles PRO – Make your phone run the way you want

AVG Ultimate features for Mac

  • Antivirus – Blocks viruses, spyware and other malware
  • Triple Protection – Protects against Mac, PC and Android threats
  • Realtime Protection – Runs quietly in the background to keep you safer
  • Drag and Drop Scanning – Quickly scan suspicious files or folders
  • Whole System Scanning – Thoroughly scan your entire Mac with one click
  • Automatic Updates – Always up-to-date against the latest threats


Size: 587 MB

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