BitComet 1.80 Final

BitComet 1.80 Final

BitComet is a peer-to-peer file sharing client compatible with BitTorrent, which is one of the most popular protocols in this field – downloading files is easy and fast.

BitComet is distinguished by its clean design, simplicity of operation and is also completely free. The program also supports a number of additional options – view MP3, RealPlayerVideo, Windows Media Video and Quick Time files before they are downloaded, simultaneously download files, choose which parts of the torrent you want to download, continue downloading after an interruption, restriction download and upload speeds, built-in browser, chat module and more.

BitComet also supports simulation downloads, flash resumption of interrupted downloads, caching, proxy usage, IP filtering, prioritization when downloading multiple files from a single torrent, and much more.

Even if you have never taken advantage of p2p sharing, BitComet has prepared an elite list of favorite sites from which you can find quality torrent links.

BitComet uses an intelligent connection method, can be used seamlessly by users behind Firewall and NAT Traversal, has automatic self-configuration.

BitComet integrates with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Maxthon. This happens even when you install the application – standard. You can also uncheck it and not embed it in browsers.

License: Freeware.

You can learn more about BitComet from our article BitComet – installation and configuration.

Whats New in BitComet 1.80 Final:

GUI Improve: add NAT type detect dialog in Tools menuGUI Improved: support Windows 11GUI Bugfix: cached info not cleared when detect port status again in the green light stateGUI Bugfix: can not input IPv6 address in Add Peer dialog due to the length limitGUI Bugfix: should not display the number of Long-Term Seeds for private task in task listCore Improve: support NAT type detection for UDP packetsCore Bugfix: should not connect to the peer’s IPv4 / IPv6 address reported by itself if PEX disabled for the taskCore Bugfix: handle the case of folder name contains tailing space in torrent fileCore Bugfix: handle the case of file name contains emoji characters in torrent fileCore Bugfix: improve stability of uTP transferCore Improve: support uTP protocol in macOS editionCore Bugfix: message handle bug when displaying modal dialog in macOS editionCore Bugfix: UPnP crash when Remote Download enabled in macOS editionCore Bugfix: IPv6 TCP port not listening in macOS editionCore Bugfix: failed to send UDP packet after change listening port in macOS edition

Official page

Download: BitComet 1.80 Final for Windows (23.2 MB)

Download: BitComet 1.80 Final Portable (27.1 MB)

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