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Bopup Messenger

Bopup Messenger

 Bopup Messenger is an encrypted messaging client designed for use on the local networks of a single enterprise, as well as between several enterprises and organizations.

Bopup Messenger is a lightweight software client, convenient for use in an enterprise environment. With Bopup Messenger you can unite employees from all offices in one common and well-protected system for exchanging formatted text, files and emoticons.

The information in Bopup Messenger is encrypted using powerful cryptographic algorithms, which allows the use of the program on the Internet. If the connection between employees is lost, the central server saves and automatically resumes the encrypted session.

No special technical knowledge or prior experience is required to use Bopup Messenger.

The program has built-in tips and context-sensitive help. Bopup Messenger fully supports Terminal Server / Citrix environments. 

License: Paid (Shareware) .

Changes in Bopup Messenger

Fixed minor interface issues and added other small improvements.

Official Page

Download: Bopup Messenger (2.05 MB)

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