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@MAX SyncUp 6.3 Build 150

@MAX SyncUp is a handy program for synchronizing files and folders. With @MAX SyncUp, two-way synchronization of files and or folders between two computers on the local network is possible, via the Internet or using a USB stick as a storage device. A special RSync mode is available, in which only the changed parts of the files are transmitted over the network.

Features of RSync

file synchronization and backup with automatic support of Google Drive, direct synchronization of two computers on a local network or the Internet, backup in the style of Apple Time Machine, two-way synchronization with correct processing of any changes, preview files for synchronization, save several versions of the same file, automatically restore to a specific date, start @MAX SyncUp as a process in Windows. The program has an easy-to-use interface, low system requirements and small size.
License: Freeware.

Whats New in @MAX SyncUp 6.3 Build 180:

Another small but important fix.

Official page

Download @MAX SyncUp 6.3 Build 180 (2.95 MB)

Download: @MAX SyncUp 6.3 Build 150 (2.95 MB)

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