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BurnInTest 10.0 Build 1000

BurnInTest is a useful program that reports comprehensively on the status of the most important components of your PC – CPU, RAM, hard drive, picture, CDROM, printer, sound, network and more.

Shows the speed of the processor, its brand, temperature, looks for errors, reveals the size of the components (RAM, hard disk, CDROM…) and more.

BurnInTest will allow you to test all components of your system at the same time and check their stability and reliability.

You can test your CPU, hard drive, CD and DVD drives, as well as recorders, sound and video cards, RAM, network connections, printers and video playback.

License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in BurnInTest 10.0 Build 1000:

New Inventory Comparison TestCompares the current system information to a master list and an error is logged if there is any difference
Comparison can be done at start or end of testing
The master list is stored as an XML file and can be created from the Inventory tab of the test preferences
New Shared Memory APIAdded a shared memory block for API style access to BurnInTest information, test status and temperatures
The definitions for the shared memory structure and a demo are included in the installer
New 2D GPU RAM testReplaces the Local / All available video memory test. It uses OpenCL and will allocate a large amount of the available video RAM and test it similar to the system RAM test
The old test used the deprecated DirectDraw library which could not access greater than 4GB of video memory
New Pref-Configured Tests TabAdded new tab to main user interface so configs can be loaded and run directly from this list. This will display config files that are saved in Documents PassMark BurnInTest Configs
Configs can now have a description and icon assigned to them which will be displayed on this tab
Config order can be sorted by editing the cfg_order.txt file in Documents PassMark BurnInTest Configs
New Battery TabAdded a new tab to the main user interface to display a graph of the battery charge levels during testing
Added discharge comparison rate selection
When the “main test” option is selected for battery test charge levels will be logged during testing in addition to previous behavior of comparing charge level
New KeyboardTest IntegrationBetter integration of KeyboardTest, no longer have to specify a path command line flags to launch as a plugin
Now has an individual option to enable / disable KeyboardTest in test selections and duty cycle dialog and on dashboard tab
KeyboardTest files are now included in the BurnInTest installer
New MonitorTest IntegrationBetter integration of MonitorTest no longer have to specify a path command line flags to launch as a plugin
Now has an individual option to enable / disable MonitorTest in test selections and duty cycle dialog and on dashboard tab
MonitorTest files are now included in the BurnInTest installer
New Localization OptionsAdded Korean and Chinese translations
Language selection is via the new settings dialog under the “Edit” main menu item
New Settings dialogAdded options for language selection and default tab at startup
DashboardAdded a dashboard tile for temperature with sensor names and current, min max temps
Removed duty cycle slider from test tiles that don’t have a duty cycle
Added a “Runtime Error” count to each progress tile for quick referencing of test status
Added left and right icons for scrolling through available test information
Changed maximize / minimize icon
2D TestIncreased number of monitors supported from 4 to 8
Changed 2D monitor tests (scrolling H, reference and color bar patterns) to be selected on a monitor basis and added better support monitors in different configurations
2D Test preferences, available monitors will be listed in the list box and a different test pattern can be selected for each one. Note that this order is not the same order as displayed by Windows by using “identify monitors” and the order can change if monitors are added, removed or powered off / on
CPU TestProgress tile, only display decimal place when value is less than 100
Disk TestAdded average read / write speeds to display
Disk wiping, added option to disk test preferences to format physical drive at end of test (only when running a physical disk test)
At the end of testing a disk wipe dialog will be displayed with a 20 second countdown to allow it to be canceled
GPGPU TestAdded a preference tab and option to avoid running the test on cards based on a name filter
USB TestProgress tile, changed some text offsets so the error count was displayed on the tile
Added “Cycle” option to speed selection to cycle between speeds (from Super Speed ​​-> High Speed ​​-> Full Speed)
LoggingAdded average disk read / write speeds to logging
Added USB benchmark read, write and loopback speed to logging
Added option to remove system information from log
Management consoleAdded session & result IDs to log and status message on successful connection (will require an update of management console)
Added checks for errors on status / result message updates from management console
ScriptingStarted to remember last used script name and script path after opening a script next time „Run script“ is selected
Added scripting options for inventory, GPGPU, monitor, keyboard tests and other new config options
Tape testRemoved tape drive test, no longer supported
Test PreferencesNew Config section, added options for setting a description and icon for the config (displayed on the Pre-Configured Tests tab)
Battery, made some changes to battery settings to make it clearer and updated help with more information
Logging, added options to save an image of the dashboard (will full screen and select the dashboard tab) at the end of the test
Logging, added option to enable or disable logging of USB and disk speeds
Logging, added option to remove system information from log
Serial, removed 110 baud option. If a baud rate below 1200 is selected then the timeout value will be automatically increased to 10 seconds.
Post test options, made some changes to “Always display result info” so that it will change the current displayed tab to the dashboard results. If being used in conjunction with “launch an external application and exit” then a message box will be displayed to allow the results dashboard to be seen (this brings it back into how it functions prior to V9 when there was an actual results window displayed at the end of testing).
Test Selection and Duty CyclesAdded button and icons to test selection and duty cycle window to allow opening of test preferences at specific test page
Added list of pre-configured tests on left side of dialog
Added config description and icon to dialog
Added temperature checkbox for consistency aid enabling / disabling the test
MiscDDR5 support when retrieving system information
Support for Intel Elkhart Lake when retrieving system information
Added a way of customizing the background image for the main BurnInTest user interface
Added a “Don’t show again” option to pre test warning, this will toggle the “Action before running tests” option for the current config to “None” if checked.
Removed some dynamic loading of functions from kernel32.dll that have been around since XP SP2 / Win7, now directly calling those functions (eg GetDiskFreeSpaceEx)
Replaced Quick Test Menu items with Pre-Configured Tests
Added CPU / GPU / HDD to sensor names on temperature tab
Hid Remove / Configure columns in results list view when test was running / displaying results
Fixed some errors not being displayed by category

Official page

Download: BurnInTest 10.0 Build 1000 for Windows (68.3 MB)

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