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Duplicate Cleaner 5.0.13

It often happens that separate applications install the same file two or more times, and after uninstalling the duplicate files remain on the hard disk. With Duplicate Cleaner you will completely clean your computer from duplicate files for free and thus provide free space. The program also has a multilingual interface.

Duplicate Cleaner is a program for detecting duplicate files. With it you will be able to free up some free hard disk space, scan information tags of music files, get a complete list of detected files, extract CSV data, select search parameters and much more.

License: Freeware.

Whats New in Duplicate Cleaner 5.0.13:

  • Image search – custom similarity setting
  • Import CSV (with optional user added columns)
  • Desktop added in folder tree
  • Added- “drop folder tree” in Parent menu
  • Added- “protect / unprotect” in Parent menu
  • Smooth scrolling and updating added as option (on by default)
  • Save scan – show last loaded name in save box
  • Filter to selected rows
  • Filter by protected files
  • Fix-Checkbox doubleclick opens files
  • Fix-Recalculate group shading when filtered
  • Fix-Selection highlight color changes depending on group background color
  • Fix-Image preview – keyboard F4 to close
  • Fix-Text matching SelAsst operations fail on Numeric columns
  • Fix-Re-filtering in tile mode doesnt work
  • Installer DotNet framework> = 4.7.2 check
  • Hungarian and Slovak translations updated.
  • Manual updated

Official page

Download: Duplicate Cleaner 5.0.13 Pro (63.7 MB)

Download: Duplicate Cleaner 5.0.13 Free (10.2 MB)

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