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Cerberus FTP Server v11.3.3

Cerberus FTP ServerTM is a very powerful SSL / TLS encryptor and FTP server. It was created with the idea of ​​using very little CPU time and memory.

Offers a nice and easy to use interface. The program can “listen” on many interfaces and integrates perfectly with Windows NT database or active directories.

Supports connection recovery after disconnection, easily manageable access control, connection limit, timeout, IP control and other forms of protection.

Here are the main features of Cerberus FTP Server:

  • IP address management
  • possibility to resume interrupted transfers
  • log all connections to the server
  • statistics on transfers and connections to the server
  • Taskbar icon with status indicator and a number of others.

The program supports SSL / TLS; supports dynamic DNS services, etc. License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in Cerberus FTP Server 11.3.3:

  • New: Improved performance for customers with many client connections per second and authenticating with native Cerberus users
  • New: In User Manager, improved search performance when there are many users
  • New: When viewing a selected user account, User Manager now allows creating a new group in addition to selecting an existing group
  • Fixed: Addressed OpenSSL security vulnerabilities with patches for CVE-2021-23839, CVE-2021-23840, CVE-2021-23841
  • Fixed: Upgraded to jQuery validation 1.19.3 to address security vulnerabilities
  • Fixed: Cannot access Cerberus Desktop GUI when cookie support is disabled
  • Fixed: Cerberus Desktop GUI showed many errors when the “HTTP / S Web Admin Session Timeout” value was very low
  • Fixed: Cerberus did not consistently timeout Web Administration sessions
  • Fixed: In Server Manager, HSTS cannot be set on HTTP / S Admin listeners
  • Fixed: In Report Manager, the log showed numerous errors when using SQL Server 2012
  • Fixed: In User Manager, users and groups with special characters did not display correctly
  • Many minor bug fixes and improvements

Official page

Download: Cerberus FTP Server 11.3.3 for Windows 32-bit (26.7 MB)

Download: Cerberus FTP Server 11.3.3 for Windows 64-bit (28.3 MB)

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