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Memtest86 9.0 Build 2000

Memtest86 is a standalone program (does not require an operating system) designed to test the stability and performance of your RAM.

Memtest86 is much more accurate than BIOS-based tests. The program is platform independent and does not require an operating system.

The good thing about this Memtest86 is that you can run it from any medium and on any operating system. License: Freeware.

Whats New in Memtest86 9.0 Build 2000:

Fixes / Enhancements

  • Fixed text disappearing in the main menu for certain boards (eg. Thinkpad)
  • Fixed artifacts appearing in icons due to improper handling of transparency channel
  • Restored option to set # of passes for Free version
  • Fixed drawing issues in Upgrade to Pro screen when hovering mouse over sidebar
  • Fixed display issues in console mode for certain boards (eg. Supermicro)
  • Fixed double temperature offset being applied to certain Ryzen (AMD 17h) chipsets

Official page

Download: Memtest86 9.0 Build 2000 (8.14 MB)

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