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Download Code 19.0 RC1 / 18.9 Final Latest version

Kodi is an extremely popular media center, formerly known as XBMC, which has versions for all well-known operating systems – OS X (x86, PPC), FreeBSD, Linux (ARM, PPC, x86 and x86-64), Raspberry Pi , Android (ARM, x86), Windows, Apple TV and iOS.

Kodi is free software that serves as a media center, can be used on many different operating systems and allows you to play all kinds of media files and streaming video.

Kodi plays almost all music, video and a number of other digital files that are recorded locally or somewhere on the network. In other words – a Swiss Army knife for your home entertainment.

Kodi Media Center supports add-ons (add-ons), which increases its functionality beyond recognition. Add-ons can provide online services, such as a weather add-on, subtitles, information about the music you are currently listening to, or take you directly to well-organized libraries with TV channels, series, or movies to watch.
License: Free (Open Source).

Official page
Download: Kodi 18.9 Final for Windows 32-bit (58.0 MB)
Download: Kodi 18.9 Final for Windows 64-bit (60.1 MB)
Download: Kodi for other operating systems

Download: Kodi 19.0 RC1 for Windows 32-bit (62.0 MB)
Download: Kodi 19.0 RC1 for Windows 64-bit (65.9 MB)

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