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Inpaint 9.0 Latest version Downlaod

Inpaint is a very useful program for removing unnecessary elements from photos, such as text, watermarks, people and / or objects accidentally caught in the frame, pollution, scratches, and more. Inpaint automatically restores the background. All the user has to do is enclose the unwanted object with a rectangle or a solid line and start the process. Inpaint automatically removes it and restores the background.

Main features of the Inpaint program: restoring the quality of old and obsolete photographs, removing watermarks, deleting unnecessary objects, digital retouching of faces, removing timestamps and more. The Inpaint program is very simple to use, but it works extremely correctly and quickly, giving a surprisingly good result. No special or special skills or knowledge are required to use it.
License: Paid (Shareware).

What New in Inpaint 9.0:

Added option to draw a straight line between two points using SHIFT and mouse click
Improved stability

Official page
Download: Inpaint 9.0 (9.47 MB)

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