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Comodo Internet Security Final

Comodo Internet Security is an integrated comprehensive protection package that includes Comodo Firewall Pro and Comodo Antivirus. And so it becomes one of the lightest and most useful free packages for complete protection. Comodo Firewall Pro – although it uses very few system resources, is quite effective in protecting against annoying ads, pop-ups, spyware and more. Gives a completely real picture of IP connections, ports and helps protect you from 10,000 (and more) malicious applications. While Comodo Antivirus is one of the few free antivirus programs that have an active scanner for maximum system protection.

Comodo Internet Security is from the proven manufacturer of security software – Comodo, which provides us with a free package for complete protection against any threats on the Internet. It uses its innovative technologies to detect unknown malicious code, offering daily updates of definitions.

Comodo Internet Security provides good and reliable protection of your computer from unwanted intrusions. Although it is still in its infancy, you can be sure that you are well protected.
License: Freeware.

Official page
Download: Comodo Internet Security (5.44 MB)

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