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Comodo Firewall

Comodo Personal Firewall protects your computer from Trojans, malware and hacker attacks. With its user-friendly interface, Comodo allows you to allow or disconnect access from the Internet, keeping your personal documents with just one click. Real-time monitoring allows you to respond immediately to threats and find the cause.

Comodo Personal Firewall is a very interesting and free firewall for Windows. Although it uses very few system resources, it is quite effective in protecting against annoying ads, pop-ups, spyware, and more. Gives a completely real picture of IP connections, ports and helps protect you from 10,000 (and more) malicious applications.
License: Freeware.

You can learn more about Comodo Firewall Pro from our article: Comodo Firewall Pro – a short review.

Official page
Download: Comodo Firewall (5.44 MB)

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