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DC ++ 0.870 Stable

DC ++ 0.870 Stable

A new version of the popular p2p client DC ++ has been released. This is a client for the Direct Connect protocol written in C ++. With it, you can easily view and download shared files, as well as search the files of all users on the server. The chat resembles IRC / mIRC and it can be said that the software looks like a combination of eMule / KaZaA and mIRC.

The Direct Connect protocol, which uses DC ++, allows a direct connection between two computers on the Internet. This way you can share files with your friends or acquaintances, download such shared files and search on shared servers.

License: Free (Open Source).

You can learn more about DC ++ from our article DC ++ – installation, configuration and work with the program.

Whats New in DC ++ 0.870 Stable:

Years after the previous version, a new stable release of DC ++ 0.870 is now available with various library updates, optimizations, mandatory TLS 1.2+ support, revised selection of public hub lists, fixed GeoIP country display and bug fixes. This version has gone through the usual release testing cycle and should be safe to upgrade to; upgrading is strongly advised. Note: Windows Vista and earlier & pre-SSE3 CPUs are no longer supported by DC ++ ..

Official page

Download: DC ++ 0.870 Stable (89.8 MB)

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