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ScreenToGif 2.34

ScreenToGif 2.34

Screen to GIF is a small, portable application that you can use to save a selected part of your screen as an animated GIF. It has many more features than you would expect from such a small program, including:

– Move the application window to save the desired part of the screen.
– Ability to pause and resume recording.
– Setting and using the F buttons as start, stop and pause recording buttons.
– Remove unwanted frames before saving the GIF animation.
– Ability to select a directory in which to save the finished GIF animation. By default, the application saves files to the desktop.

The Screen to GIF interface is a window with a frame and a transparent background. Only the controls (save, stop, etc. buttons) are visible. You can resize the window, adjust the maximum number of frames per second, whether the mouse cursor is visible, and more.

After clicking the Record button, everything that happens on the screen within the application window will be saved as a GIF animation.

All you have to do to start using Screen to GIF is to download the file and unzip it to the directory from which you will run it. Of course, you can also add a shortcut to the desktop from which to quickly launch it.

License: Free (Open Source).

Whats New in ScreenToGif 2.34:


♦ The frame navigation using keyboard arrows and home / end buttons was not working.
♦ If you loaded two editors with a project, the frame list of the first one was being overwritten.
♦ The keyboard navigation of the screen recorder (newer or older variants) was out of order (@pawlos).
♦ Some shortcut keys were not working for the screen recorder actions (@pawlos).
♦ Disabled Gifsky on x86, since it’s unsupported (@MaledongGit).
♦ Added progress info when processing frames at start and made it possible to cancel during a task (@pawlos).
♦ The option to cancel a frame altering process was not appearing if the editor already loaded something before.
♦ The text displayed at startup when an update was available was not being updated when the application language had changed.

Official page

Download: ScreenToGif 2.34 (3.51 MB)

Download: ScreenToGif 2.34 Portable (1.53 MB)

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