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DmitriRender Beta 1

DmitriRender is a DirectShow filter that converts the video frame rate in real time, thus clearing videos and movies of flicker and blur.

Additional footage with the intermediate state of the objects in the scene is added to the standard video, thus significantly improving the perception of movies and videos.

The movements become more even, and DmitriRender additionally synchronizes them with the capabilities of the respective monitor, projector or TV. DmitriRender uses the latest advances in algorithms for converting the frame rate using standard video cards.

DmitriRender works with NVIDIA, AMD or INTEL graphics accelerators with hardware support for DirectX 11 or higher. When using NVIDIA and AMD video cards, all calculations are performed by the graphics processor.

The program also works with weak video cards.
License: Paid (Trial).

Official page
Download: DmitriRender Beta 1 (30.6 MB)

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