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Download Driver Genius Professional v21.0.0.121

Driver Genius Professional is extremely useful software for backing up the drivers installed on your computer. With its help you will be able to restore, update and remove selected drivers from your system, diagnose hardware problems or driver conflicts.

Driver Genius Professional saves a lot of time when reinstalling the operating system, and you can also save on visits to the sites of different hardware manufacturers and thus avoid the need to manually update the drivers for each component. This is because Driver Genius Professional offers an option to automatically check for newer drivers on the network. In case such are found, it will immediately notify you and, if desired, will update your drivers with the latest version.

In a nutshell, Driver Genius Professional Edition is the best program to create a driver backup file in one machine or some of them, update, uninstall or restore damaged ones from a backup file.
License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in Driver Genius Professional

New features:

1. Driver updates provided for 2,000,000+ devices. Identification of drivers for software components and firmware added.

2. ‘Driver Update Release Notes’ added – users can view improvements or fixes of the driver update

3. ‘Rollback driver’ option moved to the driver restore page.

4. Sound repair tool added to the ‘Toolkit’ – diagnoses and repairs computer no sound issues.

5. Network repair tool added to the ‘Toolkit’ – diagnoses and repairs network connection issues.

6. System booster: 20+ new optimization options added. Some optimization options adjusted to fit Windows 10 20H2.

7. System Cleanup: Option for cleaning software cache added.


1. Improved compatibility with Windows 10 20H2.

2. Improved user interface.

3. Program size and memory usage reduced.

4. Driver cleaning: Apple and Android device connection drivers no longer cleaned up.

5. Improved registration process, to prevent users from downloading the wrong version.

Bug Fixed:

1. Failed to backup some drivers.

2. Fix Windows Vista compatibility issues.

Official page
Download: Driver Genius Professional (24.1 MB)

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