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Far Manager 3.0.5757

Far Manager is a powerful console file manager for Windows operating systems. Far Manager provides a user-friendly interface for working with real and emulated file systems and individual files. The program can run in a window or in full screen.

Far Manager supports long file names, NTFS file system features, different text encoding, and can use system functions to copy files.

The main advantage of Far Manager is the work with plugins – external DLL modules.

A handy Plugins API is provided and plugins can be downloaded today to:

  • spell check,
  • for working with local and network printers,
  • work with FTP and SFTP servers,
  • search and replace characters in several files simultaneously using regular expressions,
  • renaming groups of files using complex masks and templates,
  • recoding of texts (including file names) with any code tables,
  • process control in the personal computer,
  • work with graphic files and many others.

And now new plugins are being created for Far Manager.

License: Free (Open Source).

Whats New in Far Manager 3.0.5757

Official page


Download: Far Manager 3.0.5757 for Windows 32-bit (11.2 MB)

Download: Far Manager 3.0.5757 for Windows 64-bit (10.3 MB)

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