NetLimiter Final

NetLimiter is a convenient and useful program that monitors your traffic. Keep track of how many MB to the Internet you have generated and you can limit it.

NetLimiter has powerful tools for displaying information. And the most valuable thing is that you can restrict the traffic of each application separately.

NetLimiter records statistics on the speed and amount of your Internet, local traffic and network activity. The tool offers detailed and extensible information about daily / monthly traffic.

With NetLimiter you will be able to monitor and control your Internet traffic, and with its help you can set limits for the individual programs on your computer that have access to the Internet or limit the speed of your entire connection.

You can also monitor the speed of traffic, the amount of uploaded and downloaded information, and much more statistical information.

License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in NetLimiter Final:

Bug fixes

  • Slow stats queries fixed.
  • Many minor bug fixes.

New features

  • The Tags.
  • Lots of internal improvements.

Official page


Download: NetLimiter Final (7.15 MB)

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