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Download FileMenu Tools v7.8.4

FileMenu Tools is a utility for setting up the context menu that appears when you right-click in Windows Explorer.

FileMenu Tools allows you to easily add context to new sections and remove unnecessary sub-items.

Immediately after installation FileMenu Tools offers the addition of several useful items from the pre-prepared set of commands, such as copying a file to a selected folder, moving a file to a user-specified folder, copying the address where the file is located, synchronizing folders, quick change the attributes of a file, manually editing the time of creating / modifying the file, deleting blocked files, splitting a file into several parts and more.

License: Freeware.

Whats New in FileMenu Tools 7.8.4:

  • Custom commands: you can add wildcard characters (* and?) In “Element Types / Files / Extensions” property.
  • Fixed bug in custom commands: the “Element Types / Folders / Specific Folders / Include child folders” property was not saved.
  • Fixed bug in rename custom commands: if a default profile was set, then the configured profile in the custom command was not loaded.
  • Fixed bug in “Copy to and” and “Move to…”: part of the “OK” button in the window was hidden by another control.
  • Fixed bug: the Export & Import Settings function was not working correctly. If you have created a backup of the settings, then you need to export again the configuration in order to import it correctly in the future.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Official page


Download: FileMenu Tools 7.8.4 (13.7 MB)

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