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FreeBASIC 1.07.2

FreeBASIC is a compiler for the FreeBASIC programming language of the same name which is very similar to QuickBASIC. It was originally created as a free alternative to Microsoft QuickBasic, but quickly gained new capabilities and gradually became a powerful tool for creating software.

Among the more typical features of FreeBASIC we can list the support of Unicode, built-in types of variables (Byte, UByte, Short, UShort, Integer, UInteger, LongInt, ULongInt, Single, Double, String, ZString, WString), data types defined from users, work with 2 GB arrays, pointers, built-in assembler, constructors and destructors, powerful graphics library and others.

The compiler works with QBasic and FreeBASIC program code and can create 32-bit programs for Win32, DOS (in protected mode) and Linux x86 modules.
License: Free (Open Source).

Official page
Download: FreeBASIC 1.07.0 32-bit (11.3 MB)
Download: FreeBASIC 1.07.2 64-bit (29.3 MB)

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