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FreeFileSync 12.2

FreeFileSync will make it easy for you if you want to compare and synchronize files and folders located on different computers. You specify a source folder and a destination folder, and the program shows you the differences between them. Easy to use and completely free tool.

License: Free (Open Source).

What’s New in FreeFileSync 11.15:

Play sound reminder when waiting for user confirmation
Enhanced crash diagnostics with known triggers
Defer reporting third-party incompatibilities until after crashing
Support running FreeFileSync from Dokany-based encrypted volumes
Fixed Server 2019 not being detected for log file
Use native representation for modified config (macOS)
Improved WinMerge detection for external app integration

Official page


FreeFileSync 12.2 for Windows (14.6 MB)

FreeFileSync 12.2 for Linux (20.4 MB)

FreeFileSync 12.2 for MacOS (11.6 MB)

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