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FreeFileSync v11.6

FreeFileSync is a program for comparing and synchronizing files and folders located on different computers. With it, you can quickly and easily configure synchronization file operations between remote folders. It is possible to set different filters to synchronize them.

FreeFileSync will make it easy for you if you want to compare and sync files and folders located on different computers. You specify a source folder and a destination folder, and the program shows you the differences between them. Easy to use and completely free tool.
License: Free (Open Source).

Whats New in FreeFileSync 11.6:

New FreeFileSync installer (Linux)
New auto-updater for the Donation Edition (macOS, Linux)
Support reading FTP file symlinks
Added context menu option “Edit with FreeFileSync” (Linux, KDE)
Support starting via symlink (macOS)
Command line support with “freefilesync” symlink in / usr / local / bin (macOS)
Fixed starting via symlink found by PATH (Linux)
Preserve keyboard focus when starting sync via F9
Don’t show relative parent path if folder does not exist
Added high-resolution application icons (Linux, macOS)
Work around “500 ‘HELP’ command unrecognized” FTP error
Fixed menu bar icon not being removed immediately (macOS Big Sur)
Don’t allow folder names ending with dot character (Windows)
Mitigate ERROR_ALREADY_ASSIGNED: Local Device Name Already in Use [Wnetaddconnection2]
Fixed startup failure when app folder contains back quote char (macOS)
Fixed network card not found error on virtual machine (KVM Linux)
Fixed RTL layout direction in popup dialogs

Official page
Download: FreeFileSync 11.6 for Windows (14.6 MB)
Download: FreeFileSync 11.6 for Linux (20.4 MB)
Download: FreeFileSync 11.6 for MacOS (11.6 MB)

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