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Giada 0.18.2

Giada is a small program – a virtual open source audio studio, with the help of which you can easily and easily create various music compositions.

Unlike professional programs in this field, Giada has more modest functionality, but is quite suitable for users who are new to touching electronic music.

Giada has a few settings, options and controls, which is very convenient for beginners. The Giada includes a drum machine and a sequencer that can be operated using the keyboard.

Giada allows you to record more than 30 channels simultaneously, supports combined playback modes, has the ability to record audio from different sources with automatic channel selection.

License: Free (Open Source).

Whats New in Giada for Windows 0.18.2:

  • New stereo In / Out audio meters
  • Revamped Action Editor: better UI, improved usability
  • Show play head in Action Editor
  • Implement queue for MIDI events, fix issue # 482
  • Simplified Event Dispatcher’s Event type
  • Move JACK transport operations to new JackTransport class
  • Always pick sample rate from the first audio device when using JACK
  • Don’t send MIDI events if MIDI channel is not playing (# 499) or muted (# 497)
  • Add AtomicSwapper as git submodule
  • Upgrade JUCE to version 6.1.0

Official page

Download: Giada 0.18.2 for Wndows 64-bit (3.39 MB)

Download: Giada 0.18.2 for Linux (10.7 MB)

Download: Giada 0.18.2 for MacOS (5.39 MB)

Download: Giada for other operating systems

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