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Google Meet 247.0 – Free Video Calling

Google Meet is a video calling application that amazes with its narrow focus – it only works on mobile phones and is only for two-way calls and conferencing. Unlike almost any other chat service, The Meet only requires a phone number, to start using it. Of course, to work with the application, the person on the other side does not even need to have it installed. The interface is extremely simple and will not bother you with unnecessary buttons and settings.

Google Meet 247.0 – Free Video Calling

Google Duo works on both Android phones and iPhones. During installation, the application takes the phone number from the SIM card and automatically sends an SMS for confirmation. You don’t need to create a special account or contact list – Google Duo uses the contacts in your phone.

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A novelty in the application is the function Knock Knock which only works on Android. When you receive a call, you see the person calling you live before you pick up. The goal is to avoid annoying opening remarks in most conversations: “Are you there?”, “Can you hear me?”, “Do you see me?” etc.

Predictably Knock Knock only works when called by a person on your contact list, so there is no danger of intruders.

Depending on the connection speed, the application automatically lowers or increases the picture and sound quality. As you talk, you can switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data without worrying that the connection will break.

Google Meet Features

Simple interface

Pick a loved one and jump right in, with a simple interface that brings video to the forefront.

Knock Knock

See the caller before you pick up with Google Duo’s live preview feature.

The highest-quality video-calling app

Experience faster and more reliable video calls on Wi-Fi or the go.


Video call all your friends across Android and iOS with just one simple app.

Audio Calls

Make audio-only calls to your friends when you can’t have a video call.

Official page

Download Google Meet

Google Meet 247.0 for iOS

Google Meet 247.0 for Android

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