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Google Web Designer – Create HTML5 projects and animated graphics

Google Web Designer is an advanced application that you can use to create interactive HTML5 projects and animated graphics. This tool can work on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices.

Google Web Designer - Create HTML5 projects and animated graphics

Google Web Designer Features

  1. HTML5-Based: Built on HTML5, it provides a modern web application environment for designing and editing HTML5 ads and other web content. The interface seamlessly combines visual design and code.
  2. Rich Toolset: Google Web Designer offers an array of tools for various tasks:
    • Drawing: Create shapes and illustrations.
    • Typography: Add and manipulate text.
    • 3D Objects: Design and manipulate 3D content using CSS3 transformations.
    • Components Library: Access a rich library of pre-built components, including galleries, videos, and network tools.
  3. Code Creation and Editing:
    • Syntax Highlighting: When working with CSS, JavaScript, or XML files, the program provides syntax highlighting for better readability.
    • Automatic Code Completion: Simplify programming by leveraging automatic code completion.
  4. Responsive Workflows:
    • Dynamic Ad Workflow: Tailor your ads to different audiences by connecting elements to data signals. Preview how your creative adapts using sample feed data.
    • Responsive Ads: Build media rules into your ad unit, allowing it to adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes.
  5. Interactive Elements:
    • Events: Set up events triggered by user actions (e.g., touch, rotation, shaking). Use preset events or create custom ones with JavaScript.
    • Components: Drag and drop components like image galleries, video players, and maps into your project. Metrics are automatically tracked—no coding is required.
  6. Design and Development Integration:
    • Design Suite: Whether you’re a designer or developer, Google Web Designer provides the tools you need. Switch between Design view and Code view to see how changes render.

Google Web Designer is a modern web application based on HTML5, which allows you to create and edit HTML5 ads and other web content using a complex interface and visual code. Google Web Designer has a variety of tools for drawing, typing, and creating 3D objects. When creating advertising materials, a rich library of components is available with the ability to add your own galleries, videos and network tools.

Google Web Designer program code allows the creation of CSS, JavaScript, and XML files with syntax highlighting and automatic code completion, which simplifies programming and reduces errors.

License: Freeware.

Changes in Google Web Designer

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