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AnyDesk 8.0.9 – Remote Control Tool

AnyDesk enables remote control of third-party PCs via the Internet. In this way, you can see the screen on a remote computer and provide assistance or carry out maintenance work remotely.

AnyDesk: Smooth work thanks to low latency

Thanks to the specially developed DeskRT codec, the software enables short latency times. This means that work on the remote PC goes smoothly. You can access the monitor, keyboard, and mouse and also transfer sounds.

After starting the software, you will be assigned an AnyDesk address, which you must give to all users who are to be granted access to your desktop. To protect your PC from unauthorized access, you must allow all sessions individually. Alternatively, password protection is also possible.

The slim tool does not require installation – so you can also use AnyDesk portable on the USB stick. Due to the restriction to essential functions, the user interface looks very tidy and is easy to use. If you want, you can now control your computer remotely with the free Android app.

Is AnyDesk free?

The software is free for private users. For commercial use, companies must take out a monthly subscription that costs between EUR 8.99 and EUR 41.99 per month, depending on the range of functions and the number of devices.

What does Remote Desktop mean?

Remote desktop software such as AnyDesk or TeamViewer make it possible to access a computer remotely. If you have a problem with your PC, the person who wants to help you can see your desktop content via remote desktop connection and, if in doubt, take control of the mouse and keyboard.

Is AnyDesk secure?

According to the manufacturer, AnyDesk uses TLS1.2 technology, which is also used for online banking services and is generally considered secure. The RSA 2048 method is used for the asymmetrical key exchange to verify every connection.

Can AnyDesk also be used on a smartphone?

If you want to access desktops remotely with AnyDesk, you can use the smartphone apps for Android and iOS in addition to the Windows software. In addition, remote maintenance is also possible with macOS and Linux devices.

Changes in Any Desk 7.0.8

  • Fixed a common problem with direct connections
  • Fixed a bug that brought on clipboard file transfer to misbehave


Size: 3.59 MB

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