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Helium 17.0 Build 140 – All-in-One Music Manager

Do you have a vast music collection scattered across your computer? Do you struggle to find your favorite songs or manage different file formats? Look no further than Helium Music Manager! This powerful software is your one-stop shop for organizing, playing, and enjoying your music library.

Helium 17.0 Build 140 – All-in-One Music Manager

Helium: Your All-in-One Music Manager

Helium goes beyond a simple music player. It replaces multiple programs, acting as a ripper, tag editor, cataloger, browser, playlist manager, and report creator. It efficiently handles various audio formats, including MP3, FLAC, OGG, and even Audio CDs.

Effortlessly Find Your Favorite Tracks

Imagine searching for a specific song by artist, title, or genre – Helium makes it a breeze! No more sifting through folders. Helium even fetches missing information from online sources like Amazon or Discogs, saving you time and effort.

Download – Audials One 2024.1.19.0 – Download and Record Music

Key Features of Helium Music Manager

  • Import Music: Helium seamlessly imports various formats like MP3, FLAC, and OGG, along with Audio CDs and even vinyl recordings (with additional equipment).
  • Advanced Tagging: Missing album art or incorrect song titles? Helium provides a comprehensive set of tools to add, edit, and manage music tags.
  • Powerful Management Tools: Download missing album covers, analyze audio quality, and repair corrupted MP3 files – all within Helium!
  • Flexible File Management: Helium lets you automatically rename files, create custom folder structures, and convert them to different formats.
  • Effortless Browsing: Explore your music library in various ways. Browse by album art, and detailed listings, or filter your collection based on your preferences.
  • Enjoy Your Music: Play your favorite songs, manage playlists, and even display visual effects with Helium’s built-in features.
  • Take Your Music Anywhere: Synchronize your music library with portable devices like iPods or smartphones. Burn CDs, export playlists, and generate reports for easy management.

Download Album Covers with Ease

Finding your albums by their artwork is a fantastic way to navigate your collection. Helium simplifies this process by offering built-in tools to quickly search and download missing album covers.

Download Helium

 Helium 17 Trial

Helium 16.5.18323 Trial

Helium 15.4.18088 Trial

Helium Streamer

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