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Windows 11 23H2 (22631.3527) – Free Download

Windows 11 is a considerable upgrade to its predecessor, Windows NT, developed by Microsoft. A new Start menu, the removal of “live tiles,” and a separate “Widgets” panel for taskbar “widgets” were all inspired by the scrapped Windows 10X.

Windows 11 Preview 22526.1000 Dev/ 21H2 v22000.348

It is also possible to minimize and restore a group of windows from the Taskbar in the form of tiled sets. The Xbox Series X and Series S have left behind innovative gaming technologies, including Auto HDR and DirectStorage, which may be found on compatible systems. Microsoft Edge, which uses the Blink engine instead of Internet Explorer (IE), has taken the place of IE.

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When compared to Windows 10, the hardware requirements have been raised. Support is now limited to devices running an Intel Core 8th generation CPU or newer (with some exceptions). AMD Ryzen processors with Zen+ microarchitecture or more recent are also supported. Or an ARM system-on-chip from Qualcomm, such as the Snapdragon 850. UEFI secure boot and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 capabilities are included in Windows 11. The 32-bit x86 architecture and BIOS firmware are no longer supported by Windows 11.

Windows 11 Major Features

Windows 11’s brilliance can only be truly appreciated if you get your hands on it. As new services like Chat with Microsoft Teams and Android applications become available, you can download them via the Microsoft Store in the coming months.

Visuals and audio are stunning, bright, and serene

Windows 11’s new visual style can be seen across the operating system, from the rounded edges to the content centring to the new animations. After installing this build, here are a few notable features:

Start: Using a combination of pinned programs and a “Recommended” section driven by the cloud, Start puts everything you need in the heart of your PC. Files you’ve recently opened on your PC and other devices, such as your smartphone using OneDrive, are shown.

Taskbar: Beautiful new animations have been added to the Taskbar as well. See the new animations on the Taskbar as you pin, start, switch, minimize, and rearrange your applications. Taskbar buttons for Notification Center (WIN + N), and Quick Settings (WIN + A) may be found in the bottom right corner of the Taskbar. Your notifications and a month-by-month calendar appear in the Notification Center.

File Explorer: File Explorer has been given a fresh new style and a brand-new command bar to keep up with the times. In addition, right-clicking in File Explorer or on the desktop brings up a gorgeous context menu. Third-party app developers may customize context menus.

Themes: Four different pieces are included with Windows 11 so that you may customize the look and feel of the operating system to your liking. All of the new themes were created to work with the Taskbar in the middle of the screen. Right-click on your desktop and choose “Personalize” to change your tune.

Sounds: Lighter and more ethereal sounds have been added to Windows 11’s noises. Depending on whether your Windows theme is in dark or bright mode, they may seem somewhat different. The Windows launch sound is also back, and you’ll hear it when your computer powers up.

Windows 11 brings Widgets

To receive the information you want and need, widgets are a great way to do it. The widgets icon on the Taskbar is all you need to access them. Swipe to the left, or press WIN + W on your keyboard to access the menu. And your widgets appear on the left of your desktop when you scroll down the screen.

Add or remove widgets, rearrange the layout, change the size, and customize the content to suit your needs. Our calendar, weather, traffic, and Microsoft Do lists are all included in the widgets we provide right now. Your OneDrive photographs, sports and e-sports, your stock watchlist, and suggestions are all included, too.


The external monitor’s windows will be reduced when you unplug your laptop. To make things even more convenient, when you re-dock your computer, Windows returns everything to its original location! System > Display > Multiple Displays provides access to these options.

Windows 11’s new Settings

Windows 11’s new Settings app is visually stunning, intuitive to use, and fully integrated with your other Microsoft products. Left-handed navigation persists across pages in Settings. Breadcrumbs have been added to help you track where you are as you travel deeper inside Settings. In addition to System, Bluetooth and devices, Network and Internet, Personalization, and Accounts, these new hero controls may be found on numerous more Windows Update category pages.

Download Windows 11

Size: 5.12 GB

Windows 11 23H2 (22631.3527) [en] [ISO]

Windows 11 23H2 2023 Update in your Language

PC Health Check application

Windows 11 Installation Assistant

Windows 11 22H2 Build 22621 [en] [ISO]

Windows 11 21H2 Build 22000.318 [en]


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