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iDevice Manager

iDevice Manager

The iDevice Manager (formerly known as iPhone Explorer) is more than just an iExplorer and an iPhone Browser. The software provides access to the device’s file system, allows users to generate custom ringtones from MP3 files, displays SMS messages, and plays music, among other helpful features.

You may examine the file system of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch using the iDevice Manager. Additionally, regardless of the file type, you may download and upload data through a USB connection. This capability allows you to utilize your iPhone/iPad/iPod as an “external disc.”

Additionally, the software enables immediate access to the iPhone’s picture, email, SMS, and video directories. Here you may effortlessly and quickly copy images, emails, SMS, movies, and any other things to your PC. Additionally, the same capability is accessible for films, music (through the iPod-App), and ringtones.

One of the iDevice Manager’s features is the ability to create bespoke iPhone ringtones. You may utilize MP3, WAV, AIFF, and M4A audio file formats with the user-friendly ringtone editor. The ringtone editor is capable of millisecond-accurate cutting. However, unlike iTunes, the song duration is not restricted to 32 seconds.

It’s simple to set a ringtone to a contact. The iDevice Manager provides a mechanism for assigning a tone to many individuals. Select your preferred ringtone and all contacts to assign, then select the “Save” button. Likewise for SMS tones. The iDevice Manager enables you to modify and export contacts in the shape of a business card (vCard format).

License: Freeware.

iDevice Manager Features

  • All iPhone 13 Models from mini to Pro MAX
  • All iPhone 12, 11 Models Pro, Pro MAX
  • From iPhone 5S
  • Copy Photo, Video onto Computer
  • Transfer Photo, Video onto iPhone
  • Copy Contact vCard files to iPhone
  • Explore the iPhone and iPad Filesystem
  • Convert High-Efficiency Image Format
  • iTunes is not needed

What New in iDevice Manager

    • Support displaying of photos, when no “Displayed By” feature exists in photo database

Official page


iDevice Manager (60.1 MB)

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