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Lucion FileCenter

FileCenter is an easy-to-use program for scanning, archiving, organizing and searching files. Combines in one interface functionality for file management, scanning, OCR-recognition, conversion of files into PDF documents and the ability to view them.

With the help of the program you can organize the files into groups, create a preview without having to open them, search for the full text of your work or computer or a computer on your local network, encrypt the created files or completely delete each selected file, send files by e-mail, back up Outlook emails to a separate file, and more.

Key features:

  • Scan to PDF document with one click;
  • Create PDF files with text search function thanks to OCR;
  • Scan directly into a text editor;
  • Merge PDF files with Drag and Drop;
  • Separation of documents without the need to open them;
  • Placing pages between PDF files;
  • Convert any type of file to PDF;
  • Automatic splitting and storage of scanned files;
  • Arranging files by groups;
  • Store files directly in FileCenter;
  • Preview files without having to open them;
  • Search for full text on the computer;
  • Encryption and secure file removal;
  • Sending files by mail in PDF format;
  • Backup Outlook mail to a separate file.
    License: Paid (Trial).

Changes in Lucion FileCenter

  • Added a new permission to FileCenter Shared Settings: Deny Drag Files to prevent drag and drop.
  • Added a new permission to FileCenter Shared Settings: Deny Drag Folders to prevent drag and drop of drawers and folders.
  • The Default Cabinet Location now supports the placeholderusername> so cabinets can adapt to the user’s local paths. For example, cabinets in a user’s Documents folder can be specified like this: C: UsersDocumentsMy Cabinets
  • Fixed an issue with Split View + Preview + Display Files On Bottom which unintentionally caused an extra blank window displaying “„ “
  • Fixed a bug with file conversions where certain file types would get converted via the PDF print driver even though that option was not checked.
  • Fixed an issue watermarks showing up with the FileCenter PDF Printer, even after FileCenter key had been entered and activated.
  • Deleted cabinet tabs were still showing up in the Split view.
  • With document conversions, documents were occasionally converted to PDF instead of the file type specified.
  • FileCenter Receipts was only allowing one box to use a Quickbooks company file. Any number of boxes can now use Quickbooks company files.
  • Fixed a crash in the Admin Tool when clicking Exclude from Group without anything selected.

Official page
Download: Lucion FileCenter (226 MB)

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