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ManicTime 4.6.22 Final

ManicTime 4.6.22 Final

ManicTime is a program that automatically monitors the use of the computer and builds statistics on the programs used. It records which programs have been used for how long.

ManicTime presents the information in the form of convenient and detailed diagrams. All data is stored in a local database of the computer system. Not only the information about the applications is displayed, but also how much time the user spends in front of the computer – for day, week, month and year.

In this way, ManicTime allows you to assess how effective your computer is. It is possible to place markers in the most efficient and inefficient work with the computer.

Features: convenient activity statistics, list of the most frequently visited sites, easy and convenient interface, control of efficiency for work with the computer.

It is possible to set a password when starting ManicTime, as well as start the program in hidden mode, without an icon in the taskbar.

License: Freeware.

Whats New in ManicTime 4.6.22 Final:

  • Brave browser support for new versions
  • Translations updated

Official page

Download: ManicTime 4.6.22 (69.7 MB)

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