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Microsoft PC Manager – Streamline PC management

Microsoft PC Manager is a free software designed to streamline PC management. It provides a detailed overview of your computer’s health, performance and security. You can use this tool to simplify the maintenance process of your PC.

Microsoft PC Manager - Streamline PC management

Microsoft PC Manager Features

  1. Boost Your PC:
    • Cleanup: Eliminate clutter by freeing up system space.
    • Performance Enhancement: Optimize your PC’s speed and responsiveness.
  2. Storage Management:
    • Spring Cleaning: Manage large files efficiently.
    • Storage Sense: Let Windows automatically free up storage for you.
  3. Health Checkup:
    • Issue Detection: Quickly identify and resolve problems.
    • Threat Removal: Scan and clear threats with a single click.
  4. Professional Antivirus Protection:
    • Integrated with Windows Security: Enjoy robust protection against malware and other security risks.
    • Safeguard Anytime, Anywhere: Keep your PC secure, whether at home or on the go.

Microsoft PC Manager does not introduce new maintenance tools. Instead, it provides easy access to existing ones. If you are tired of navigating Windows settings to enhance performance, give the PC Manager app a try. It is a valuable addition to your toolkit.

Download Microsoft PC Manager 

Size: 1.58 MB

PC Manager from Microsoft Store

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