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ManyCam is a program that allows the use of one webcam simultaneously in several applications. It is possible to add text to the video, date and special effects, such as watermarks, and offers the application of various effects to the sound.

ManyCam can work with online messaging and video chat services, including Skype, MSN, Ustream and others. With the help of ManyCam you can apply various effects to video and audio streams, you can paint on the video image in real time.

In ManyCam it is possible to create and save your own effects or load various effects from the official website of the program. Audio and video sources can be selected by the user, and switching between them is very fast. A desktop, video file, webcam, and more can be used as a video source.

ManyCam supports picture-in-picture mode, making it possible to stream video from two sources, such as what’s happening on the desktop and in front of the camera.

License: Freeware.

Whats New in ManyCam

    • Added the ability to remotely control desktop presets via ManyCam for mobile.
    • ManyCam subscription is now device-based and acts globally across all OS users and ManyCam apps. Activate multiple editions (desktop, Lite) and instances of ManyCam for Windows simultaneously with a single device activation on a single machine even if they are installed under multiple OS users.
    • ManyCam now uses cross-app authentication that enables automatic sign-in across all desktop ManyCam apps and web services under one OS user.
    • Fixed an issue where some characters (e.g. emojis) could not be used in Lower Thirds.
    • Fixed an issue where some characters were cut off in Lower Thirds.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when capturing display in portrait mode


Official page

Size: 104 MB

Download: ManyCam Trial for Windows

Download: ManyCam Trial for macOS

Download: ManyCam for Android

Download: ManyCam for iOS

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