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Microinvest Warehouse Pro 3.07.060

Microinvest Warehouse Pro is a flexible system for managing stocks and cash flows of companies. The program allows to control all processes related to the management of production and trade.

With Microinvest Warehouse Pro you can evaluate the achievements of your business through detailed reports and statistical reports. Simultaneously with the program, full monitoring of the staff’s activities is carried out by registering each action and operation performed by it.

The system allows to track at any time the amount of stocks used and to plan the necessary costs. Microinvest Warehouse Pro knows the needs of your company and gives advice on future purchases and orders.

The system can be extended with various applications, which make it an excellent choice for different areas of activity.

License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in Microinvest Warehouse Pro 3.07.060:

1. Added time of the receipt to the window for Reversal – Bulgaria;
2. Optimization when loading data for Reversal – added serial number for CA – Bulgaria;
3. Optimization when recalculating the delivery price (to recalculate the delivery VAT as well);
4. An error was corrected when editing operations – the amount was not recalculated;
5. Optimization for export to Delta Pro with active setting “prices with VAT”;
6. Added new reference Sales by amounts for two periods;
7. The status of the Presence column (be included) in the Default Revision operation has been corrected;
8. Correction of reversal when printing through Microinvest Smart Printer – Bulgaria;
9. Optimization in the window for issuing invoices – if a receipt is issued, to exclude the option for receipt – Bulgaria;
10. Optimization for payment from the Payments – Bulgaria window;
11. Issuance of documents is excluded by default in the Commercial screen;
12. Optimization when loading a LPG when issuing a credit notice and a total voucher – Bulgaria;
13. Optimization in the Quick Search window;
14. Optimization in the window for Quick addition of goods;
15. Optimization when sending an email;
16. Optimization in Trade screen;
17. Optimization in the selection of goods from the table of operations;
18. Optimization in obtaining data on goods by barcode;
19. Optimization in document transformation and automatic production;
20. An error has been made in Transfer and Audit;
21. An error was made in creating a new database of nomenclatures;
22. Optimization in the window for creating a new database with nomenclatures;
23. Optimization for payment from the Payments for full payment window – to print a full receipt instead of “Payment by document”;
24. Optimization in determining the types of payment with ID over 10;
25. Optimization when creating a new database with nomenclatures and type of MySQL database;
26. Optimization when using Microinvest services;
27. Optimization when consuming DeviceManager.dll;
28. Optimization in determining the presence of antivirus in the GDPR check;
29. The column Profit has been added in the report Grouped sales by goods;
30. Added total in reference Issued consignments;
31. The settings for connection to Microinvest Device Manager and Microinvest Smart Printer are exported to the Devices section;
32. Update of DeviceManager.dll;
33. The busy socket message in the log file from WebServer is suppressed;
34. Added profiler for tracking communication with AxisCloud (when Portmon is activated);
35. Added a new window for scanning Datamatrix – Russia, Kazakhstan;
36. Corrected request for creation of the table EGAISExcise at Access – Russia, Kazakhstan;
37. Added support for transmission of marked goods to Microinvest Smart Printer – Russia, Kazakhstan;
38. Added possibility for identification of alcoholic goods by excise stamps (68 and 150) – Russia;
39. Optimization in the translation in the windows for Import of nomenclatures and operations;
40. Optimization in the translation in the window for Deleting the period;
41. Optimization in establishing the form of the culture in different modules (dates, separators);
42. Serialization of VAT group and type of goods has been restored;
43. It is allowed to choose whether to issue a receipt – Russia;
44. Correction in case of transformation of documents under batch regime;
45. Elimination of SystemOutOfMemory when working with large amounts of data;
46. ​​It is possible to automatically download and install free HotFix versions;
47. Update of xlsgen to version 4.9;
48. Expansion of the reference Nomenclatures-Goods with Catalog 3 distributed by fields;
49. Visual inaccuracy in the file selection window has been corrected;
50. Records with Opertype> 1000 from the Operations report have been removed;
51. Added a new document “Revaluation Act” – Russia;
52. Added support for more than 9 config files (/ config ##);
53. Added support for more than one background ##. Jpg (/ config ##).

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Download: Microinvest Warehouse Pro 3.07.060 (324 MB)

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