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mIRC 7.68 Final – Chat client

mIRC is a Windows-based Internet Relay Chat client with a lot of features. It allows you to interact, share, play, and collaborate with people on IRC networks all around the globe, whether in multi-user group conferences or one-on-one private conversations.


mIRC, which has been serving the Internet community for over a decade, has matured into a robust, dependable, and entertaining piece of software.

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It offers a simple, user-friendly interface that is highly flexible and covers a wide range of functions. Buddy lists, file transfers, multi-server connections, IPv6, SSL encryption, proxy support, UTF-8 display, and UPnP, are just some available features. It also has sound customization, spoken messages, tray alerts, message logging, etc.

In addition, mIRC features a robust scripting language. It may be used to automate mIRC and to construct apps that handle a variety of tasks ranging from network communications to gameplay.

This application has been under development for more than two decades and is continually upgraded and updated with new technology.

License: Paid (Shareware).

What New in mIRC 7.68 Final

Official page

Download: mIRC 7.68 Final (3.17 MB)


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