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Monkey’s Audio 5.71

Monkey’s Audio is a quick and easy way to compress music.

Unlike traditional compression methods such as mp3, ogg or lqt, which permanently degrade the quality of audio files to save space, Monkey’s Audio makes perfect bit by bit copies of your music. This means that it always sounds good, the compressed version is exactly the same as the original.

Although the sound is perfect, the archiver saves a lot of space. Think of Monkey’s Audio as WinZip of music.

The other great thing is that you can always decompress your Monkey’s Audio file back to the original. The tool offers fast and deep compression that does no harm.

The format of the program is supported by Media Center ™, Winamp ™ and many other players. Monkey’s Audio has an option to edit music tags.
License: Free (Open Source).

Whats New in Monkey’s Audio 5.71:

  1. Changed: Visual Studio update.
  2. Changed: The size of all the files switches to GB if it’s over 1000 MB.
  3. Changed: Switched some internal variables from float to double (hopefully transparent, but please report any issues).
  4. Changed: Drive free space reporting will switch to TB if it’s over 1000 GB.
  5. Changed: Updated the license to remove the clause about contributing changes back (and updated the help file to match the website license).

Official page
Download: Monkey’s Audio 5.71 (1.66 MB)

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