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Music Collection v3.3.6.0

With Music Collection, you archive your music collection and have a look at all the music albums you have, no matter how they are stored. Easily add album information, search by various criteria.

You can add any type of music files you own to your collection and add or edit album information. The information can be added manually or automatically from the Internet. After saving and recording the album, you can browse it, filter albums by all possible criteria and search for specific songs in an album.

The program can also display and print all the data from your music collection.
License: Freeware.

Whats New in Music Collection

  • Added : “Packaging” and “Bought from” fields in batch value change.
  • Added : Ability to add new packaging types.
  • Added : Invert track order.
  • Added : “Single” field to the extra album features.
  • Changed : Improved the web search-Add to saved album function.

Official page
Download: Music Collection (7.64 MB)
Download: Music Collection Portable (7.58 MB)

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